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What is MIMO?

MiMo (pronounced MY-MOW) is short for Miami Modern.  This is a term created by architectural historian Randal C. Robinson Jr. and interior designer Teri D’Amico.  In a book written by Mr. Robinson and Eric P. Nash, MiMo, Miami Modern Revealed, they describe MiMo as “architecture that flourished in South Florida from 1945 until the late 1960s.  MiMo is a manifestation of a dream post-World War II American society’s faith in progress and a future that rolled ahead endlessly like a stretch of Interstate.”  A partial list of contributing architects are Morris Lapidus, Igor B., Gilbert M. Fein, Bernhardt Muller, Marion Manley, and Norman Giller.


North Beach has a conflagration of MiMo structures.  On this tour you will see a combination of both residential and commercial structures as well as the iconic North Beach Bandshell structure.  Our guide will describe the architectural features of these structures and a history of the architects who created them.  This 90 minute tours take place the first Saturday of each month.  They meet at 9:30 in front of the North Beach Bandshell on the corner of Collins Avenue and 73rd Street.  The cost of the tour is $20.

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